Alaska Virtual Airlines Employment Step: 1/2 1 - Welcome!
  • Here at Alaska Virtual Airlines we strive to create the best possible simulated environment for our pilots. In order to continue our excellence we require some things from our pilots. Please read some of our policies before joining.
2 - Requirements
  • Must be born on or before 06-18-2008.
  • Must own a valid copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3d, or X-Plane.
  • Must have a valid email address.
  • Must fly a flight within 14 days of being accepted.
  • Must fly a minimum of one flight per month for Alaska Virtual in order to stay active on the roster.
3 - Pilot Conduct
  • Innappropriate language may not be used on the forums, AlaskACARS chat, Vatsim chats, or teamspeak. We are trying to keep a friendly environment for our younger flyers.
  • There is to be NO foul, vulgar, sexist, racist, or other foul remarks made by any of our members to anybody else, whether part of this virtual airline or not.
4 - Representing Alaska Virtual Airlines
Pilots flying online will:
  1. Maintain a professional attitude.
  2. Comply with all VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge Regulations
Pilots are strongly encouraged to add our URL to their VATSIM remarks section. Always remember you are representing Alaska Virtual Airlines while flying under the "ASA" callsign.

Copyright © 2021 Alaska Airlines Virtual. We are in no way affiliated with Alaska Airlines or any of their affiliates. For flight Simulation purposes only.